Everything’s More Expensive

Everyone you talk to is seeing trying to cut back on expenses due to rising costs and inflation. It’s not easy to save money. Almost everything you buy costs so much more these days.

Poll Question

That takes us to our poll question - What are You Cutting Back on Due to Inflation?

Spending on Necessities

Some things are necessities and you have to buy it - like gas. But maybe you are not hitting the road as much. Of course many of us commute or have a work vehicle and we have to continue to spend way more on fuel.

Traveling Less

Maybe you are limiting your trips and not traveling as much. That’s certainly a good way to save some money.

Going Out

Some other things are a little easier to cut back on. Not eating out as much is a good way to reduce costs. Once in a while is OK, but if it comes between going out and filling the tank. You fill the tank.

Electricity Costs

Are you trying to use less electricity? This expense has gone way up. This time of year, you have to have the air conditioner going pretty regularly.

Heating Fuel

And what about when we have to start paying for heating oil, kerosene or propane? That’s something you have to keep going for your own family’s health, as well as to keep the home running.

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Poll Results

Take the poll and let us know. We’ll post the results and you can see how you match up with other people in Aroostook County.

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