Aroostook County Loves the Ocean

We have a close connection to the Atlantic Ocean in Aroostook County. Not only is New Brunswick connected, but we all travel to the beach and visit friends and family in the southern part of the state, especially in the summer.

Shark Sightings in Maine

When you leave northern Maine on a road trip to the ocean, keep in mind the increased number of shark sightings along the coast.

Great White Shark Spotted off Our Coast

And these are not just ordinary sharks. There are more Great Whites being spotted and reported. In fact, Just last weekend there were two sightings, including one attacking and killing a seal near Whitehead Island. Scientists who study the species say there have been 16 sharks spotted off the coast of Maine this summer, according to WGME.

White Shark Identification Request Form

If you happen to see a Great White shark, hopefully you’re on a boat or on the shore. But if you do spot one, the State of Maine Department of Marine Resources is asking for the info. They can confirm what type of shark you saw and feedback details to you.

Poll Question

This all leads to the all important poll question. It hits on all these issues. Let us know what you think.

Poll Results will be Posted

We’re looking forward to seeing what you think about going in the ocean with all the buzz about sharks in the state. Thanks for taking the time to answer our poll. We’ll post the results.

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