So Many Ways to Prepare Fiddleheads

There are so many ways to prepare fiddleheads. It depends on your tastes, who you're serving, how many people, time, cooking ability and so many other factors.

Some Ideas

We recently talked to Rob Ottaviano, Food & Beverage Director at Ignite PI at the Northeastland Hotel. Rob gave us a bunch of ideas on how to make delicious fiddlehead dishes. Some of the suggestions were things we had never heard before. 

Take the Fiddlehead Dish Poll

Now, we want to know which one you think is the best for you to serve.

We put together a poll that includes a list of dishes to choose from. These are not full recipes, but you can take the idea and run with it. We're looking forward to the results and will post them on our homepage and on Facebook.

Add Your Suggestions

You can also add a dish to the poll. We know there are a lot of great cooks out there. You probably have some recipes passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you've tried something knew you heard about or a friend suggested something that was out of this world. Let us know all about it.

Fiddleheads Everywhere

Do you buy your fiddleheads or have a secret spot to pick them for yourself? Whatever it is, maker sure you get in on the season. Fiddleheads are being sold on the side of the road just about everywhere you look in Aroostook County.

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