A vehicle fleeing the scene of a shooting was involved in a crash with a school bus Friday in Saco and police are looking for the suspects.

Shooting Between Two Vehicles

The Saco Police department said the shooting between two vehicles, a gray Honda HRV and a red Dodge Charger, happened at the intersection of Elm Street and Temple Street around 11:57 am.

Police said it was unclear if shots were fired from both vehicles or just one.

Fleeing Vehicle Crashed into Another Car and School Bus

The Honda HRV fled the scene and hit another vehicle at the intersection of Elm Street and North Street. Both vehicles collided with an Old Orchard school bus with students on it. No injuries to the students were reported.

Four Suspects Fled on Foot

Four suspects got out of the Honda HRV and fled on foot. Police found blood droplets and a gun in the vehicle left at the crash.

One Suspect Shot

“Evidence at the scene indicates that at least one person, wearing all dark clothing, who fled from the crash scene, had been shot in the right arm,” said Saco PD.

Vehicle Located

Police found the red Dodge Charger at a residence in Standish near Route 25 on Friday night.

“The residence and the area were thoroughly searched. No suspects were located and there is no current information to suggest that the suspects from the Saco incident are or were in the area,” said the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Shelter-In-Place Lifted

Saco was in a shelter-in-place order following the incident. That order has since been lifted.

Contact Police with Info

Police ask anyone with information to call Saco Police at (207) 284-4535.

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