Our Pine Tree State is the largest in New England by land mass, and we’re also home to one of the largest roller coasters in the country!

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We understand why roller coasters are so popular—they’re loved for the same reasons people enjoy scary movies. Both activities raise your blood pressure, thrill you, make you grip the edge of your seat, and make your heart race. To be fair, some folks avoid scary movies and roller coasters for those same reasons.

Credit: Canva / Getty Stock
Credit: Canva / Getty Stock

But for those who do enjoy them, we get it! They’re not just amusement park rides; they’ve got character.

It takes more than just fast rides, tall drops, and short lines to keep a roller coaster popular and maintain its longevity. These rides need unique gimmicks to stand out and attract folks 'from away.'

Credit: Canva / Getty Stock
Credit: Canva / Getty Stock

A quick Google search of ‘the most famous roller coasters in the world’ reveals that some of the most well-known ones are both gimmicky and thrilling. Whether named after movie franchises, comic book heroes, or animals, roller coasters have always needed something special to survive.

With all that being said, what is Maine’s largest roller coaster?

Funtown Excalibur
Facebook via Funtown Splashtown USA

Named after King Arthur's sword, Excalibur opened at Funtown Splashtown USA in Saco, ME, in 1998. Excalibur is unique and one-of-a-kind, as it’s the only wooden roller coaster actively running in the state of Maine, and it is the tallest and longest roller coaster in Northern New England.

Excalibur stands tall at 100 feet and features an 82-foot drop. Riders zoom along a track that’s 2,700 feet long at a speed of 55 mph. The entire ride lasts for about two minutes, which personally sounds like plenty of time to be satisfied with the experience.

Have you ever been to Funtown Splashtown USA and tried Excalibur?

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