The Maine State Police used a PIT maneuver to end a chase on the Turnpike early Friday morning. A Massachusetts man was arrested in Kennebunk after he fled on foot.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Public Safety Officer, Steve McCausland said, police also attempted to use spike mats during the chase, but the car avoided them. The driver exited I-95 and disappeared in Kennebunk for a time.

When the vehicle tried to get back on the Interstate, Trooper David Coflesky used a PIT maneuver to spin out the VW Jetta. The driver then fled on foot. A tracking dog found him ten minutes later around 1 a.m.

The Portland Police Department pursued the same car late Thursday night and a week earlier, said McCausland.

22-year-old Tyler Keating of West Harwich, MA is facing charges of eluding a police officer and failing to submit to arrest.

Kennebunk Police were on scene. No injuries were reported.

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