Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant confirmed that deceased WCSH 6 meteorologist Tom Johnston was named as the only suspect in an investigation of a class B gross sexual assault.

Facebook via Meteorologist Tom Johnston
Facebook via Meteorologist Tom Johnston

The assault occurred Sunday, April 1st around 8:30 p.m. in Newry, Maine. Johnston had been in town at Sunday River hosting events and reporting for WCSH 6 that weekend.

According to the sheriff’s report, Johnston went to a local residence where the victim was taking a nap. She awoke to find her clothes had been removed and Johnston was in bed with her, said the report. He was confronted by people at that location and left quickly. The victim and witnesses identified him as the suspect, the sheriff’s office said.

Johnston’s girlfriend reported him missing April 3rd after he did not come home to Old Orchard or go to work in Portland. He died either Sunday or Monday and his body was found Thursday, April 6th in a wooded area of Auburn. Officials confirmed his death from exposure and hypothermia after Johnston cut his wrists several times with a razor blade and fell unconscious.

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