A Wells police cruiser struck a man Thursday night after he ran into a field when officers tried to arrest him for drunk driving.

Maciej Korzekwa/Thinkstock
Maciej Korzekwa/Thinkstock

36-year-old Keith Lee from Brandon, Florida was run over by the cruiser when he fell as he ran across the field off Post Road, said Stephen McCausland, Public Safety Spokesman. Lee suffered non-life threatening injuries and  is getting medical attention at Maine Med Center in Portland.

Wells police were called to the X-tra Mart on Post Road after a vehicle was driving erratically, said McCausland. Lee ran into a nearby field after officers attempted to arrest him after conducting sobriety tests. Two police ran after him, and officer Steven McDonald drove the cruiser into the field to assist with his apprehension. Lee fell and the cruiser ran over him, said MCausland.

Once released from the hospital, Lee faces several charges. Wells Police requested an investigation from the State Police, said MCausland.

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