UPDATE: As of Sunday June 27th, 2021

28-Year-old Mackenzie London was located and arrested in Oakfield on Saturday June 26th. This was the second arrest made in the case.

The Aroostook County Sheriffs have arrested two men in connection with a burglary in Oakfield. A report of a burglary at the Oakfield Railroad Museum was made to the sheriff's office on Saturday, June 19.  

Let's meet the guys

Jeff Clockedile
Jonathan London/ Aroostook County Sheriffs Office
Jeff Clockedile
Mackenzie London/ Aroostook County Sherriff's Office

The situation

Some of the items that were reported missing were various tools, artifacts, and lanterns. It is believed that several other priceless items were taken last Saturday, as well as sometime during the previous days during the week.  

A search party of volunteers located numerous items that were hidden nearby and returned the items to the Museum. The Oakfield Railroad Museum is located on Station Street in Oakfield and was the old Bangor & Aroostook Railroad train station.  

Hiding in plain sight

Aroostook County Sheriff's Deputies were at the residence of 53-year-old Jonathan London on the Webb Road. London made the initial investigation easy on the deputies as many of the stolen items were in plain view while they were interviewing him. As they worked around the property, more items were discovered inside the residence. The deputies arrested Jonathan London on Thursday, June 24th. He was sent to Aroostook County Jail and charged with burglary and theft by unauthorized taking or transfer. London appeared before a judge on Friday, and was released on $250 bail.



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You're date is set

Jonathan London is scheduled to appear in court in early November. Mackenzie London will first appear in court on Monday, June 28th. 


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