The recently announced 2016 Gauvin Scholars of Aroostook Aspirations Initiative’s scholarship program have now received recognition from one of Aroostook County’s most famous former residents.

Terry Sandusky
Terry Sandusky

U.S. Senator Susan Collins has sent each of the 20 Gauvin Scholars a letter of congratulations regarding their scholarship awards and decision to attend college and work in Aroostook County. 

In her letter Collins writes, “This award demonstrates the appreciation businesses and individuals have for students who study and live in Aroostook County. I am delighted to learn that you will be continuing your education in Aroostook County, which I know makes the community and all of northern Maine very proud. I look forward to hearing of your continued contributions and success in Maine.”

Collins’ letter comes at the heels of Aroostook Aspiration Initiative’s announcement of this year’s Gauvin Scholars. All Scholars are recent graduates of Aroostook County high schools and have plans to attend college in the County. In their applications, each of the selected students demonstrate their commitment to their communities and a desire to live and work in the County after college, contributing to the area’s workforce and economy, a decision that Collins applauds in her letters. Senator Collins and Aroostook Aspirations Initiative wish all Gauvin Scholars success as they begin their studies at their selected college or university this fall.

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