Three people have been arrested in connection with a scary incident in Saco that involved shootings and a crash with a school bus.

The Suspects are From Massachusetts and Allegedly Gang-Related

Officials say they believe the incident was a dispute between rival gangs out of Massachusetts. Three men from New Bedford, Massachusetts have been arrested.

  • Joshua Estrada, 19, was arraigned in Portland on Thursday.
  • Yancarlos Abrante, 20, is awaiting extradition to Maine in a Massachusetts jail.
  • Jason Johnson-Rivera, 18, is awaiting extradition to Maine in a Massachusetts jail.

According to the Sun Journal, all three men face charges in connection to distributing cocaine and perpetrating a drive-by shooting.

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No Students Were Hurt When Their Bus Was Hit During the Incident

The charges stem from a shooting in February in downtown Saco. Police were called when gunshots were allegedly exchanged between a red Dodge Charger and a gray Honda HRV near the intersection of North and Temple Streets. The vehicles then moved toward the intersection of North and Elm, where there was a collision. The suspect's Honda HRV crashed into another vehicle and the impact of that crash pushed the vehicles into an Old Orchard Beach school bus stopped at the intersection. No students were hurt in the crash.

Police Say More Arrests Are Likely in This Case

After the collision, four suspects fled on foot. Police found evidence at the scene to suggest that at least one of the suspects, wearing all dark clothing, had been shot in the right arm and a firearm was found in the back seat of the Honda HRV. This vehicle was impounded as part of the investigation.

Local schools were shut down, as the suspects ran in the direction of Thornton Academy and the police suggested residents shelter in place while they searched for the suspects.

Police say more arrests are expected in this case.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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