The two boys who sprung into action when their bus driver suffered a heart attack from behind the wheel last week got some special recognition for their heroism from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Brothers Connor and Seamus Collins jumped into action when bus driver Arthur McDougall suddenly slumped over the wheel from what later was determined to be a heart attack. McDougall sadly died later from a heart attack, but his wife in a meeting with the two boys said he would very proud of them for what they did. Their quick thinking to get the bus pulled over to safety made them heroes in the eyes of all Mainers.

It also got the attention of the New England Patriots, who informed owner Robert Kraft about what these two courageous boys did. Kraft decided he'd call them to congratulate them using the New England Patriots iPad. It says that right in the corner of his screen, so it's not like I made it up.

When Kraft connected with Connor and Seamus seeing them surrounded by and wearing everything Patriots, the first thing he said was "You guys are unbelievable! You guys really called an audible."

Then Kraft invited them to come to opening day at Gillette Stadium. When that is and who the Patriots will be playing won't be announced likely until May, but I don't think either Connor or Seamus even cares who they'll play or when. To be invited to a game a Gillette Stadium by Patriots owner Robert Kraft is something they will never forget.

By the way, this will be the boys' very first time seeing a game in person at Gillette. Congrats Connor and Seamus. You deserve it.

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