A business in Presque Isle is supporting the efforts and Aroostook House of Comfort project in a pretty cool way.

Chantal Graves, owner of Merchants on the Corner in Presque Isle, is honoring her mother-in-law by selling beautiful hospice bangles that are handmade locally by dedicated volunteers of the Aroostook ‘House of Comfort’.

Aroostook House of Comfort Facebook Page
Aroostook House of Comfort Facebook Page

Chantal, along with her associates, believes that this is a much-needed facility and has chosen to support the fundraising by making the bangles available at her store.

The Aroostook ‘House of Comfort’ views your purchase as a donation to build a hospice home for the terminally ill in northern Maine.  None of the proceeds from the sales are used to pay salaries.

The House of Comfort has bangles that are similar to the Alex & Ani bangles, that are made locally by volunteers and the “made with love” heart on each is the signature of the volunteer. ALL proceeds go directly to building the hospice home. The individual making the purchase is actually make and donation and receiving a beautiful bracelet in return.
Jewelry Splash Party
Jewelry Splash Party

House of Comfort's jewelry is very UNIQUE, as they “Personalize and Memorialize”. Some of the requests that they have had for adding a birthstone or two or three, etc:

  • a loved one has passed away and they want their birthstone added
  • a loved one is fighting an illness
  • a gift for a friend who has lost a friend
  • a boyfriend
  • grandchildren
  • mother’s bangle (put all her children’s birthstone on it
  • favorite pet

The list goes on, but you can see how the popularity has grown. If you would like to learn more about the Aroostook House of Comfort, click here or visit them on Facebook.

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