Sign Indicated “Explosive Device On-Board”

The Maine State Police tried to stop a vehicle Monday morning on I-95 heading northbound to Houlton. The driver did not stop and officials said that a Trooper “observed a sign indicating that the operator had an explosive device on-board.”

Trooper Shot at Driver who Refused Commands at Border

The vehicle proceeded to drive between the Houlton/Woodstock Ports of Entry. Troopers “commanded the driver to get out of the vehicle.” When the truck drove towards the Canadian Port of Entry, Maine State Police Corporal Eric Paquette “shot at the driver.” Police said the driver was uninjured and he surrendered to Troopers.

Rhode Island Man Faces Multiple Charges

Forty-two-year-old Tony Holford from Providence, Rhode Island was taken to the Aroostook County Jail after being medically cleared. He is facing charges for Aggravated Reckless Conduct, Terrorizing, and Failure to Stop.

Border was Closed Monday and Reopened Tuesday

Authorities said there is no danger to the public and the scene is contained. The incident happened around 10:39 am on Monday. The border crossing is open Tuesday morning, according to WGME News.

The scene is being processed by Maine State Police Bomb Squad technicians. Officials said they “expected to be at the scene through the night.” Motorists were advised to avoid the area and use an alternate port of entry. 

Ongoing Investigation

The events are being investigated and the Maine Attorney General’s Office, Maine State Police and Canadian officials are collaborating on the case.

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