A 52-year-old man died Tuesday in an officer-involved shooting after he approached police with a knife following a high speed chase in Fryeburg.

Suspect Crashed into Snowbank

The police pursuit started in New Hampshire and continued into Maine. Kenneth Ellis drove a black pickup truck into Fryeburg where he hit several vehicles and crashed into a snowbank outside the Norway Savings Bank, said WGME News.

Driver Died after Approaching Police with a Knife

Ellis was shot and died at the scene after he crashed and approached Fryeburg Officer Micheal St. Laurent with a knife in his hand.

Deputy Injured after Crash

Oxford County Sheriff Deputy Justin Groetzinger also crashed during the chase when a vehicle drove in front of him. He had non-life threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Officer on Administrative Leave

Officer St. Laurent was placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after an officer-involved shooting. The investigation is ongoing.

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