North Lakes Fire and Rescue Inc has purchased a “Snowbulance” for use in Northern Aroostook County. The Snowbulance is an enclosed toboggan-like unit that is towed behind a snowmobile or ATV. The unit can transport one patient and one rescuer inside, is equipped with a heater, interior and scene lighting, and converts to a wheeled unit for summertime use.  

North Lakes Fire & Rescue, Inc. membership consists of firefighters from the North Lakes Fire & Rescue department. Members work together to raise funds and improve the operations of the fire department without requesting additional funding from the County of Aroostook. The purchase price of the Snowbulance was $8,677.00. 

The Snowbulance will increase our rescue capabilities and provide a safer form of transport for our patients. North Lakes Fire & Rescue remote off road or on trail rescue equipment consist of one snowmobile, one UTV and Snowbulance our Cross Lake station and one snowmobile and rescue toboggan at our Madawaska Lake station.  

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The two snowmobiles and the UTV were previously purchased by North Lakes Fire & Rescue Inc firefighters fund. 

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