Once again, the Nordic Heritage Sport Club will host a three day 'celebration of community, trails, and lifestyle,' on August 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Presque Isle. Not only will this year's Nordic Trail Festival be packed with fun, it's also a fundraiser to help bring adaptive nordic ski programming into the community.

Picture credit : http://www.nordictrailfestival.com/

This is an all ages and abilities event where you can take in a full day of biking, running, or a host of other events. Maybe you just want to watch and relax while enjoying some live music and food. It's a great way to enjoy summer in northern Maine.

If you're in the mood to volunteer, there's always room. If you'd like more information, visit their website or email them at info@nordicfattire.com , or look up the event page on Facebook.

Thomas Northcut/Thinkstock