17-Year-Old Caleb Hayes Rescued on the Trail

The best news is that Caleb Hayes is doing OK. He’s been treated and has gone home with family after a major ordeal during the Can-Am International Dog Sled Race.

Caleb’s father, Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes, wrote a harrowing account about Caleb being “found lying in trail. Unresponsive.”

Caleb had to Put Down a Rampaging Moose Last Week

Remember, 17-year-old Caleb is the one who had to shoot an attacking moose last week in northern Maine. The story spread all around. 

Father's Account of the Story

In the article Jonathon Nathaniel Hayes details when he and his wife felt something was wrong after Caleb had not reported to one of the safety stations. 

Caleb was working with some new dogs on his team and had two females in heat. This was causing him to try to get the team to work together without distraction. It got to the point where Caleb was leading the team himself which is not something anyone could sustain.

Search Parties Locate Caleb

Knowing that he could not push forward, Caleb decided to wait for trail sweepers to assist. He got in with his dogs and fell asleep for about 3 hours. Search parties had been sent out to locate him. 

When crews found Caleb, they were able to report back that “Musher 16 is conscious but disoriented.”

Treated and Released

Caleb was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia and released.

Caleb’s dad shares the events and all the emotions he and his wife, Tammie. went through as they waited to hear if their son was alright.

Read the Full Article

Read the full piece at mushmaine.com. There are a lot of photos from the family.

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We are so glad Caleb is doing better and will give an update when we hear more.

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