It was freezing cold in Maine during the arctic front that hit the state over the weekend… But nowhere was it as cold as it was at the Mount Washington Observatory.

Lowest Wind Chill Temperature Ever Recorded in the United States

It’s a record for the lowest wind chill temperature ever recorded in the United States. The observatory hit a low of minus 108 degrees. That breaks the previous record of minus 103 degrees wind chill on top of Mount Washington. The incredible wind gusts reached 127 mph at the peak.

Minus 47 Degrees and Wind Gusts up to 127 MPH

The temperature was minus 47 degrees. That matched a low temperature in January 1934. The temperature was below minus 45 degrees for up to 13 hours and wind chills were sustained at the observatory for close to 15 hours. For a place that is used to extremely cold conditions, it says a lot that it hasn’t been that cold for almost 90 years on Mount Washington

-See the video below-

Video of Wind and Blowing Snow

The video is spellbinding as the winds whip across the surface and round the Mount Washington Observatory.

Video of Frozen Sunrise on Mount Washington

Watch the sunrise on the mountain during the Arctic Freeze.

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Live Cam

You can watch the live feed of the Mount Washington Observatory on YouTube.

Mount Washington in the Fall

When the snow is gone from the mountain, the peak of Mount Washington looks a lot different.

George Carmichael/Thinkstock
George Carmichael/Thinkstock

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