The New Hampshire Fish and Game said a group of hikers left a 22-year-old man behind on Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey after he could not keep up with their pace.

Hiker Left Man Behind

Monadnock State Park Rangers contacted Conservation Officers around 5:30 pm about the missing hiker.

Last Seen on Mountain

Islam Hejazi from Easton, Massachusetts was last seen around 3:00 pm near the junction of White Dot and White Cross trails.

Man was Struggling with Pace of Hikers

“His hiking companions had left him behind when Hejazi began struggling with the pace of his companions. Once they left Hejazi, his hiking companions were unable to locate him again,” said New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Search Teams

Park Rangers searched for him, but did not locate him. Conservation Officers and the Upper Valley Wilderness Response Team were assisting.

Missing Man Arrived at Park Headquarters

“Before the secondary wave of searchers entered the search area, Hejazi emerged at the Monadnock Park Headquarters,” said officials.

Cardinal Rule of Hiking

New Hampshire Fish and Game “urges hikers to be prepared and responsible for their own safety. A simple cardinal rule of hiking is do not hike alone and NEVER leave behind a hiking companion, especially if they are struggling.”

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