Woodstock, N.B. Man Arrested on Drug and Weapons Charges

A 33-year-old man from Woodstock, New Brunswick faces charges after authorities seized drugs and weapons on Wednesday at a home on Park Street.

Timothy O'Donnell was arrested May 25 at the Woodstock, N.B. residence following a search warrant by the Provincial Crime Reduction Unit (PCRU).

Search Warrant Executed on Park Street

Seized in the search was an unsafely 12-gauge shotgun, a wooden club, ammo and bear spray. Officials also seized what they believe is cocaine, drug trafficking paraphernalia and stolen property. Assisting on the scene was the Western Valley Regional RCMP, the Woodstock Police Force, and peace officers with the Department of Public Safety.

Charges and Court Date

O’Donnell was charged in Woodstock Provincial Court on May 25, 2022. His charges include:

  • possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine,
  • unauthorized possession of a firearm
  • unsafe storage of a firearm
  • possession of property obtained by crime
  • three charges of failing to comply with an undertaking

O’Donnell has a bail hearing scheduled for Friday, May 27. He has been remanded in custody. The investigation is ongoing.

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Law Enforcement in the Community

Members of the New Brunswick RCMP and Fredericton Police Force are part of the Provincial Crime Reduction Unit. 

Crime Stoppers

Law enforcement reminds the public about their important role in helping reduce and prevent crime in our local communities and neighborhoods. If you have any information about illegal activity in your area, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Download the secure P3 Mobile App, or by Secure Web Tips at www.crimenb.ca.

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