A Maine State Trooper rescued a Barred Owl on the Interstate in Fairfield on Monday night.

Injured Barred Owl Rescued on I-95 in Fairfield

Trooper Samuel Tlumac was helping a motorist around 9:30 pm when he saw the injured owl in the middle of the roadway on I-95 southbound.

Owl Transported to Warden Service Headquarters

The Barred Owl was taken to the Warden Service Headquarters in Sidney in an animal carrier to get treatment and care.

Avian Rehabilitation Center

A state biologist will examine the owl which may need to go to an avian rehabilitation center. Information about the extent of the owl’s injuries were not released.

Photos of the Owl and Trooper

Take a look at the photos with the Barred Owl and Trooper Tlumac. They are truly unique. You don’t see pictures like that.

News Updates

We’ll post more updates when the information is released - hopefully with more posts and photos to share.

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Barred Owl are Abundant in Maine

The Barred Owl is very common in the state of Maine. It is most often found in forested areas. They are somewhat territorial and are known for being vocal all year. During the months between February and March, they are heard frequently at night between 6 pm and 8 pm.

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