Hunting Dog Found Safe after Wednesday’s Crash

The Maine Department of Public Safety said the missing hunting dog from a Wednesday morning crash on I-95 has been found safe in the town of York.

Maine State Police Trooper Found the Missing Dog

Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety said Trooper Matthew Williams located the dog named Whiskey around 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 17. Williams was responding to reports from two motorists that they had seen a dog in the area of Mile 11 on the northbound side of the turnpike.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Original Story of the Crash

Whiskey had been missing since the crash on Wednesday, September 14 in Ogunquit when a pickup with ten hunting dogs in the bed swiped a tractor trailer. The driver was not hurt while the passenger was seriously injured. One of the dogs died and one was taken to the vet for care. (Read the full story).

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Whiskey Found Safe and Not Injured

Trooper Williams found Whiskey by shining his light from his cruiser and a flashlight in the wood line near where the dog was spotted. He was able to see the dog's eyes reflected in the light, said Moss. Whiskey was not injured but “weak and shaking.” He was taken back to the police car and given water and food.

Moss emailed a statement from Trooper Matthew Williams who found Whiskey:

Whiskey could barely stand up when he was found.  Fortunately he made himself visible enough for passing traffic to notice him, then made his way back into the woods”,  said Trooper Matthew Williams. “He was actually down at the bottom of an embankment just south of the Clay Hill Rd overpass at mile 12, with a guardrail along the highway, so it is unlikely anyone would have seen him there.  If I hadn’t gotten that fortunate moment of his eye reflection, which then disappeared, I would not have seen him at all.  Eye reflections in the wood line are common…I frequently see deer, bear, coyote, and even bobcat down here; this time, fortunately,  it happened to be Whiskey.

I brought a piece of chicken down with me to win his trust and give him the energy necessary to get him back up the embankment.  He then finished off my dinner, two chicken breasts and a cheese stick and drank nearly 2 liters of water. That was the last time he walked last night, I had to carry him after that.  He’s a survivor.  I’m so glad this part of the story had a happy ending, but I would also like to add that there is also a human being, the passenger in the crash that is still in serious condition so it would be wonderful if prayers and support could keep  coming for him.

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Dog Taken to Ogunquit Police Department

Whiskey was transported to the Ogunquit Police Department and was turned over to the Animal Control Officer to be cared for and returned to his owner.

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