A 24-year-old man was arrested for OUI in Portland after he drove the wrong-way and police found an AR-15 and Glock in the vehicle.

OUI Charges after Driving Wrong-Way

The Portland Police Department said Bryce Dingwell of South Portland was taken into custody around 12:17 am Monday morning.

Driver told Police there was a Loaded Gun in the Car

Police said the driver told an officer that “he had a rifle and handgun in the vehicle.”  Several field sobriety tests were done and a breathalyzer.

AR-15 and Glock in Vehicle

Police searched the vehicle and seized “a Sig Sauer M400 AR-15 rifle with two 30-round magazines and a Glock 19 with 31 and 15-round magazines.”

Charged with OUI and having a Loaded Gun in Vehicle

Dingwell was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence, and having a loaded firearm in his vehicle.

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