Reginald Melvin pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Thursday for beating his 1-month-old son to death in August 2021.

Manslaughter Plea for Death of 1-Month-Old

Melvin from Milo was originally facing charges for depraved indifference murder. He was set to go on trial Thursday in connection to the death of his son, Sylus Melvin. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter Thursday, according to WGME News.

Court Records: Melvin Beat Son to Death

Court evidence said Melvin beat Sylus when he was 1-month-old and fractured his bones, causing hemorrhaging in both his stomach and head. The infant also had cuts on his organs from the beating.

Criminal History of Domestic Violence

During the investigation, Melvin said he did not beat Sylus and became uncooperative with the police. Melvin has a long criminal history with over six domestic violence charges in the past nine years.

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