Earlier this week, we had to deal with the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred.  Now, we are getting ready to deal with Tropical Storm Henri.  I am not meteorologist, but it would appear New England will have a fairly intense summer storm season in 2021.

Out of concerns about these back-to-back storms, the State of Maine has launched a new hurricane dashboard.  The specific purpose of this dashboard is to aid people in the evacuation of affected areas, should that become necessary.

According to WMTW, the dashboard will give up-to-the-minute info about the storm's track and about areas that could be severely affected by the storm.

The Maine Emergency Management Agency's Samuel Roy said:

You get sort of a mini-report that pops up. That gives you information on your hurricane evacuation zone and the nearest evacuation route.

Check out the dashboard HERE

At the time of the writing of this article (8 AM on August 21st, 2021), it appears that Tropical Storm Henri will be quite weak when it hits the coast of Maine.  However, some coastal communities could deal with high waves, strong winds, and rain.

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