Find the Status of Relief Payments for Mainers

There’s a convenient and easy way for Mainers to track their stimulus money online right now.

Maine Revenue Services Website Tool

The Maine Revenue Services said you can check the status of the $850 on their website. It also allows you to update and change your address if necessary.

When Is the Money Going to Arrive?

Some people in the state may already be seeing their money arrive. According to WGME, 5,000 checks were sent out in the mail on Thursday, June 2, 2022. Another 200,000 relief payments are set to go out this week.

Eligibility and Filing Taxes

The arrival of the relief money is sent out based on when your tax returns were received by the state. The requirements and eligibility is posted on the Maine Revenue Services site (along with the tracker). Basically you have to be a resident of Maine full-time, filed your 2021 state taxes, and not be a dependent. There are also income criteria.

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More Information

Read the Maine Revenue Services site over. It is clear and gives you all the important info about who gets the relief money, and also has tools to let you know when you should be getting your payment. This applies to Mainers who will receive a check from the United State Postal Service. You can also call MRS with a number provided on their site. Contact their offices at (207) ask questions and get more details.

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