Warm Temps Through the Week

The temperature is going up through the week and even higher over the weekend in Aroostook County, Maine and across the state.

Ready for the Air Conditioner?

Looks like you won't need to keep the heat going at home, maybe in the evening. In fact, it’s getting really close to the time to get the air conditioner in place. Maybe not yet, but soon.

Weekday Forecast and Temps

Here’s what we’re looking at for the rest of the weekdays. On average, highs during the day will be around the mid 70’s - give or take a little. In the evening and overnight, look for temps close to the low to mid 40’s. There’s a little bit of a range, but in that general area.

Weekend Forecast with Saturday’s High

Now for the exciting part of the weather forecast.

  • Saturday is going to be moving way up to the mid to upper 80’s. The US National Weather Service in Caribou has Saturday’s high at 86 degrees.
  • Sunday is lining up to be around 70 with a chance of showers. That will make things a little more mild to close out the weekend.
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Thursday's High and Friday's High?

Some nice weather through the end of the week.

  • Thursday will reach near 80 for the daytime high temp.
  • Friday will have the highest weekday temp at 83.


A couple of things to be advised about. Always use caution and follow the laws and rules when burning or making a campfire. 

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