Monday - The week starts off with thunderstorms possible Monday afternoon. This will bring gusty winds and some areas will see heavy rain. Look for a high temperature around 71 degrees.

Showers continue into Monday evening as parts of Aroostook County will see clouds and intermittent rain. Lows in the upper 50’s around 57.

Tuesday - Conditions clear up as the sun comes out with a mild breeze. Temps stay steady in the upper 70’s with a high of 78.

Tuesday Night - Clear to partly cloudy across northern Maine with a low around 53 degrees.

Wednesday - The weather stays clear through mid-week as we see mild temps near 73 and mostly clear skies.

Wednesday Night - The low is around 52 and partly cloudy

Thursday - As the week moves on and we start looking to the weekend, expect a chance of rain in the morning on Thursday - mostly before 10 a.m. (eastern time). It will be cooler with a high near 66.

Thursday Night - Low around 51 with a slight chance of rain going into the evening

Friday - Mostly cloudy with rain a possibility. temps stay below 70 with a high of 68.

Friday Night - The chance of rain goes away as party cloudy conditions come into northern Maine with a low of 47

Saturday - The weekend kicks off mostly sunny with a chance of rain. The high temp should be close to 72

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