The weather was gorgeous for the Pineland Farms on site hiring event in Mars Hill. We saw many faces eager to get a new start and a new job. 

You might have heard us on air broadcasting from the hiring blitz. Before we left, I asked Human Resources Manager at Pineland Farms if the day had been a success to that point. She gave back a thumbs-up, smile and told me that they had many successful candidates they were looking to hire.  

Townsquare Media PI was on site and setting up for the hiring blitz

The Pineland Farms Potato Company Facebook page updated us Monday night. Over 50 applicants took part in the event yesterday before it was over. 

The Pineland Potato Farms on-site hiring event on 5/10/2021

If you were not able to make it to the on-site event on Monday you are not too late. You can still search and apply for current openings .

I would like to thank Laurie, Shawn, and the Pineland Farms team for having us as part of the blitz yesterday. We were able to tour the plant and I can tell you that this place is cleaner than your home.The team does a very good job of keeping the facilities clean and organized. It also helps that the final products turn out delicious If you've had any of them, you know what I mean! 

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There are many reasons not to work right now, I applaud the 50 plus that came out yesterday seeking a new job. If anyone else is looking for help recruiting employees reach out to Townsquare Presque Isle or call 769-6600. 

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