So Many Photos

Thank you to everyone who sent a photo of your Christmas Trees. They are really cool to see.

We had so many come in that we decided to put up a second round of photos in the gallery below. We still couldn't get all the photos, but we have a link where you can see them on Facebook.

A Variety of Christmas Trees

There are so many different ways people decorate their trees. You really don’t know the variety until you get a look at the pictures.

We’ve seen some trees loaded with decorations of all kinds. Other trees have a definite theme going on. There are trees with so many presents under it you can’t even count them all.

Pets in the Photos

There are a few with the animals in the photo in some way - it looks like cats especially love Christmas Trees.

Celebrating the Holidays

The one thing that is consistent is the pride that goes into putting up a tree. It represents the celebration of the holidays  with family and friends, and the good feeling that comes from giving a great gift to someone.

See the Gallery Below

Enjoy the gallery and Merry Christmas. If you have a picture of your tree and you want to show it to everyone, put it in the Facebook comments.

Christmas Trees from Listeners

Listeners' Christmas Trees

Storefront Christmas Displays in Presque Isle, Maine

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