AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention says it has detected bacteria responsible for Legionnaires' disease in samples from the Orono-Veazie Water District.

The agency said Friday that chlorine will be added to eliminate the bacteria.

The CDC is investigating a cluster of six Legionnaires' disease cases in the Bangor area. At this point, it hasn't connected any of those cases to the Orono-Veazie Water District.

Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by inhaling water droplets containing the bacteria. The Legionella bacterium is common in streams and ponds, but it can also spread in buildings through air conditioning systems, hot tubs and fountains.

The CDC said all six individuals were hospitalized and that one died, although it's unclear if the Legionella bacterium was to blame.

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