This is just the worst.

Some folks know that I work with the Maine Academy of Modern Music up here in Bangor, and one thing that can be a challenge up here, is finding places to host all-ages rock shows. There are certainly larger venues that can handle that, but sometimes it's nice to have the intimacy of a smaller venue to put on a DIY rock show.

There's something so raw and awesome about having a crowd on the same floor level as you, and only like 3 feet away. That's one of the things I love about the Queen City Cinema Club. I also love their killer food and great drinks. And of course, the movie theaters! But all that awesomeness is leaving us, here in Bangor.

QCCC is closing their doors after 6 years.

Closed sign in a shop window

One could infer from their announcement via Facebook, that lack of people through the door is a culprit. But don't think for a second that QCCC didn't have one of their fiercest followings in this town. You felt the rock & roll work ethic alive inside there. But while they were certainly full on tons of occasions, the place was "almost always empty".

And I'll be the first to say it: This is OUR fault, Bangor. We were given this absolute gift to our community, and apparently just assumed everyone else was going... Myself included. I'd played there a bit, and brought my MAMM bands there, but I admit I should've been a better patron. And for that, I'm sorry.


When are they officially closing?

That's one detail that's not completely clear yet. But there will probably be a bit of a drawdown, and then the usual things that go along with closing a business. They will likely liquidate the physical assets of the business, and then figure out the best way to call it a day.

I really feel bad for Josh and Tiffany. They really gave it their all. I barely know them at all, but they were so good to my students, and truly cared about this community. While I'm sure they were hoping to make this their living, I feel like we let them down on making this their legacy. This was one of the coolest features Bangor ever had, and soon we won't have it anymore. That sucks.

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