The plows were back out in Maine overnight. And it's almost MAY. It got us thinking about how Maine compares to the rest of the country when it comes to snow amounts. I mean, if it snows HALF the year around here, you would think we have to be the snowiest state around.

Is Maine the Snowiest State in the USA?

The answer is not quite! Maine takes the silver in the snowiest state category. According to the National Weather Service, here are your top 10 snowiest states, on average.

10- WISCONSIN:  45.79 inches of snow annually. However, if you are closer to Lake Superior, you can count on over 100 inches of snow every year

9- WYOMING: 51 inches of snow annually.

8- MASSACHUSETTES: 51.05 inches.

7- NEW YORK: 55.32 inches. Unless you're in Buffalo and it's TWICE that!

Car buried in snow

6- MICHIGAN: Cracks the 60-inch threshold with 60.66 inches of snow per year

5- ALASKA: This one was a bit surprising. You would have thought Alaska would at least be in the top 3. 64.46 inches of snow for the fifth spot.

4- COLORADO: On average 67 inches of snow although the Rockies can get 400 inches a year!

3- NEW HAMPSHIRE: Here comes New England! Mt Washington alone gets over 23 feet of snow each year, which certainly helps bring the average for the whole state 71.44 inches annually.

Skier Making Snow Angel
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2- MAINE: Woot Woot! Snow Angels for Everyone! We get about 28 days of snow every year and average 77.28 inches of snow. I knew we might be in the Top 10, but am wicked proud to be #2. See, we ARE hearty Mainers, indeed!

1- VERMONT: Hail to the snow champion of the USA...lovely Vermont, who blows everyone else away with 89.25 inches of snow.

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