Some Wild Weather on the Way in Northern Maine

We’re going to have a pretty wild week of some extreme weather in Aroostook County, Maine this week.

We usually expect the temperature to rise around this time of year. But, a few days from now, on Thursday, we should feel some real heat.

It won’t necessarily be the highs that southern Maine will experience with high humidity and temps in the 90’s,, but it will be hot with a lot of humidity in the County.

Tuesday’s Rain, Wind and Thunderstorms 

Before we get there, we will see the other side of the summer weather with significant rain, wind and thunderstorms on Tuesday.

Here’s How it’s Shaping up for us in the Northern Part of the State:

  • Starting with Tuesday afternoon - we’re looking at a high around 79. That’s the cool down as gusty winds as high as 23 mph. Heavy rain is in the mix too and will produce higher than normal rainfall amounts. The thunderstorms will add to that too with rain heavier during these periods. 
  • The forecast right now is a sustained storm into Tuesday night and continuing into early Wednesday morning.
  • Looking at Thursday’s heat - The Northern Maine Fair kicks off on Thursday and everyone is keeping an eye on the weather. Could we reach a temp in the 90’s? Not exactly, but combined with the humidity on the way, a high of 87 will feel way hotter. There’s even some talk about rain, thunderstorms and heavy winds on Thursday too.

Planning for the Fair

The Fair should get better weather for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It won’t be as hot and the sun should be back. That will make for a few nice days to enjoy the activities in Presque Isle.

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