You may have noticed what's happened to the thermometer lately after a really nice stretch of warm weather in mid-October. Those 70 degrees days seem to be our last taste of summer-like temps as temperatures aren't reaching 50 as we hit late October. We're hearty New Englanders though. We expect this. But we also have a love-hate relationship with 40-degree weather, depending on the season.

A 47 degree day in October feels bone-chilling, yet that same temperature in March feels like a heatwave. If you've lived in New England for any amount of time, you know that feeling. We all do.

So does New Hampshire YouTuber Shaun So Stupid. He describes his YouTube channel as "A celebration of weird." which seems pretty accurate as you browse through the videos he's posted over the past six years. His most popular video of all time titled "47° in March, in New Hampshire", went up back in March of 2015 and has gotten 167,000 views to date.

Shaun puts on video exactly what we all know so well in New England When it's 47 degrees in March, we party like it's the middle of summer and when it's 47 in October we feel like every part of our body is going to freeze off. Shaun takes it over the top, but that's exactly what makes this video hilarious.


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