UPDATE: The Presque Isle Chief of Police, Laurie Kelly said:

Please stay off the road until winds subside and/or visibility clears up.

Presque Isle Police Department advises to travel at your own risk!   If you get stuck in a white-out area, we will refer a wrecker to you but will not respond unless an injury accident has occurred.  Emergency vehicles, wreckers, and public work vehicles (plows) are at the same risk as the travelling public.

Severe white out conditions on:

  • Route #1, South of Presque Isle
  • Centerline Road
  • Conant Road
  • Caribou  Road
  • McBurnie Road
  • Marston Road


High winds and blowing snow led to a number of traffic accidents Tuesday, including a multi-vehicle pileup between Presque Isle and Mars Hill.

State Police report Route 1 in the Bridgewater area is closed until conditions improve. Route 89 between Caribou and Limestone is also closed due to dangerous conditions.

The TransCanada between Grand Falls and St. Leonard is closed due to extremely poor conditions.  RCMP also report the highway has been closed between Grand falls and Moncton.

Blowing and drifting snow is expected to be a problem throughout the afternoon and evening.  Expect whiteout conditions in open areas.

The Emergency Management Agency is urging people to stay off the roads today unless it's absolutely necessary.

Schools in central and northern Aroostook are closed today because of the weather, a number of businesses, offices and agencies are also closed.

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