Imagine walking into Polly's Variety in Oxford, buying a $25 scratch ticket, scratching it off as you're walking to your car, and finding out you just won $1,000,000! That's exactly what happened to Mark Ramsdell of Hebron when he was the last million dollar winner of the Maine State Lottery's $50 million Cash Blowout.

Maine State Lottery
Maine State Lottery

The odds of winning a million dollars in the $50 Million Cash Blowout are 1 in 650,000. The Maine State Lottery printed 2.6 million cash blowout tickets so there were only four tickets that were million dollar winners and according to News Center Maine, Ramsdell happened to buy the last million dollar ticket out there.

If only his name was Charlie, this would be even more epic.

For selling the ticket, Polly's Variety gets $10,000. Ramsdell got a check for $710,000 after taxes, so he's not quite a millionaire, but that's more than enough to make him quite happy for many years to come.

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