Happy Thanksgiving from Townsquare Media, Presque Isle.

What are some of the similarities & differences in Canada & the U.S.?

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    The Food's the Same

    Although there are some differences between Canadian and American Thanksgivings, the food is pretty much the same - and that's the most important thing.

    The time of year, different dates and days of the week are different. Monday for Canada, Thursday for America. Other than that, tell us what else is different?

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    Leftovers, Say No More

    We know some things are universal in both countries.

    1) All of us crave the leftover turkey sandwich with all the fixings! 2)The massive amount we eat is the same. 3) Everybody goes back for seconds. 4) We have pie when we can’t eat anymore.

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    Stuffing Has It's Own Category

    Stuffing with cranberry sauce should be outlawed it's so good. There should be more stuffing all year. We need more stuffing in our lives - look how happy it makes on Thanksgiving.

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    Nap Time

    Most of us take a nap after a good party. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about in Canada and the U.S. - naps and parties.

    We also love to get together on a big holiday and laugh, play games, watch football & go back for a midnight snack.... and nap a little more.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Jeffrey Collingwood/Thinkstock

    A Little History

    The American Thanksgiving was a a big party at Plymouth in 1621. The Canadian Thanksgiving started when pirate Martin Frobisher gave thanks for a safe journey in 1578.

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