The poor road conditions didn’t stop this Maine moose from trotting down the street right in front of Deputy Nate Chisholm from the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office.

Chisholm shared the video on the department’s Facebook page on Sunday. We love these kinds of posts. This is so Maine and so Aroostook County. This is great outreach.

The video is captioned, “Just another day at the office- Rt 161, Stockholm.” What a great sight to behold from the “office.”

Sometimes the comments on facebook posts are something you don’t even want to see. Not in this case. People had a good sense of humor and enjoyed the video.

One person said, “Well, it ain't a bison!!! Thank you for sharing,” referring to the bison that got out on the road last week near the Nordic Heritage Center in Fort Fairfield and Quoggy Jo in Presque Isle.

Another comment said, “Did you get it on radar?” That one piqued our interest and made us ask: how fast does a moose go?” So we looked it up.

A moose can move pretty fast, but not breakneck speed. At a trot, they go about 20 mph (32 km/h) and can cruise at around 35 mph (56 km/h) when running, according to Life Science. Probably within the speed limit either way.

The moose wasn’t swimming, but if it was, they can paddle at 6 mph (9,5 km/h) and go a long way - up to 12.4 miles or 20 km. They’re naturals. Moose can also swim under water for close to 30 seconds. Just saying.

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