Could its recent popularity be the cause of the ramp up in production of Fireball whisky at a plant in Lewiston?

According the Sun Journal, Boston Brands of Maine just finished a $4 million expansion of their bottling plant in Lewiston and just created 46 new jobs required to bring the plant to round-the-clock production of the delicious cinnamon flavored whisky that has become the most popular alcohol in Maine.

To be fair, Fireball isn't the only spirit that Boston Brands produces in Lewiston, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the spike in Fireball sales to more than $3 million more than Allen's Coffee Brandy in recent years, has very likely been good to the bottling company. They however have declined to say if that's the reason.

So drink up Mainers and rest easy in knowing that there are new jobs in Maine and you will likely never run out of your favorite adult beverage when it's being churned out 24/7 right here in Lewiston. Cheers!

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