Scam Targets Instagram Password

There’s a new scam going around and it’s targeting people on Instagram.

This one goes a little deeper than just trying to get your password. Scammers are trying for more and going after your email log-in.

Here’s How It Works and What To Look For

You get an email that looks like it’s from Instagram. It says your account will be deleted in 24 hours because you have violated some copyright laws. The message also says that if you think there’s a mistake, click a link to verify your Instagram account by putting in your information.

The Better Business Bureau said many scams end there. This one takes it even further to get more info from you.

Scammers Go After More Information

On this next phase of the scam, a pop-up appears and you’ll be asked to verify your email. Keep in mind, this looks very official - it’s not.

After you are asked to provide your email and password, you are taken to Instagram. Scammers do this to try and add credibility.

3 Ways to Identify Scam

It’s important to recognize these scams before you get caught up in one. 

The Better Business Bureau says to look at the email and see where it’s “from” and the links connected to it. Hovering your cursor of the email is a good practice to see where the link goes.

Also, being aware how Instagram and other businesses present disputes will help you see what’s real and not real.

Another good piece of advice is to look into the claim in the email and verify it. Call the business directly and go into your account to see if there are any issues.

Intimidation and Pressure are Tactics

Remember that scammers want to put pressure on you and try to intimidate you. It’s one of their many tactics. They also put time frames on the claims to force you to do something, like “you must respond in 24 hours.” Don’t panic, Remain calm and follow through on confirming the email and the information.

More Information

You can reach out to the Better Business Bureau for more information on this scam and other scams.

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