When Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah started video briefings last year to keep Mainers up to date on where the state stood in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, people watching quickly noticed that he always seemed to have a Diet Coke nearby. His love for the no calorie beverage got a lot of people's attention.

In a guest appearance on The Nite Show with Danny Cashman, he said that Diet Coke "Is his sole vice," and he gave it up cold turkey for month and felt exactly the same, so he jumped back on the Diet Coke bandwagon.

He's such a fan that he follows Diet Coke on Twitter and replied to a tweet posted by his one vice.

Whoever is behind the Diet Coke Twitter account took notice and replied.

Shah, sounding like he was a bit surprised that Diet Coke responded, tweeted back "And they say never to meet your heroes."

Can you sense the love that is about to happen here?

Diet Coke at this point must have realized who Dr. Shah was and what he has done for the State of Maine over the past year, keeping them informed of the situation and being a voice of hope and reason to help put our minds at ease during the pandemic. They tweeted back with four simple words that said so much: "But you're my hero."


Was it destiny that these two were brought to together like this?


Shah and Diet Coke got several replies and this one I completely agree with.

@ParrDee via Twitter
@ParrDee via Twitter

Let's go Diet Coke. If not a commercial deal, at least hook him up with a case load of Diet Coke!


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