Dolly Parton isn't afraid of adventure — she's written books, starred in films, opened her own theme park and rarely stops trying new things — but she's not fearless. The country music icon reveals on the Bobby Bones Show that she's actually afraid of flying.

"I’ll tell everyone, I don’t care," Parton admits in a radio interview that was also filmed. "I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t like to fly."

Hilariously, she adds: "I'm like my daddy. I don’t want to go no higher up than pulling corn and no lower down than pickin' taters."

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Parton says that in addition to just not liking the idea of being so high, she actually suffers from motion sickness and doesn't do well with in-flight turbulence.

"I don’t know if I’m just a scaredy cat or just the motion,” she shares. "It’s probably a little bit both. I don’t like that helpless feeling that I can’t get out if I want to. I want to be on the ground. If I want to stop, I want to get out. You can’t very well go up to the pilot and say, 'I wanna get out now.'"

Of course, being a megastar with her hands in so many baskets makes it that much harder to avoid planes. "When I do fly, I fly private jet because it's hard doing commercial anymore, because its such a zoo anyway," she continues. "I just take my bus anytime I can."

Parton is currently on a media blitz spreading the news about her new Netflix film, Dumplin’, the soundtrack for which not only offers Parton, but also collaborators Miranda Lambert, Alison Krauss and Elle King.

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