Echo Lake sits in the heart of the Aroostook State Park and has easy access for nature lovers. Catch & release fishing is a fun past time. A large variety of waterfowl such as ducks and geese use the wetlands. There are cooking and seating places on the waterfront.

In the summer, swimming, and hiking are the things to do. There are launch sites for boating and canoes to rent.

Aroostook State Park has over 900 acres full of trails all around the woods with places for hiking, photography and nature watching. Sign posts clearly mark the paths.

Presque Isle donated 100 acres to get the park started in 1938.

Open all year around, it's a nice way to spend a summer day exploring and in the winter, you can go skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

Quaggy Jo Mountain has gorgeous views of Presque Isle and the surrounding areas. The name derives form ‘Qua Qua Jo’ or ‘twin peaked’.

Aroostook State Park is located next to the National Wildlife Refuge. It’s common to see deer and moose especially near the wildlife refuge. Bird watching is very popular as many songbirds use the park as nesting habitat.

The Aroostook State Park has designated areas and reservations are a good idea. Trailers and tents are welcome. There are restrooms and changing areas. Running water and other conveniences are available. Plus, take the kids to the playground. Items to rent are available too.

The first trans-Atlantic balloon flight took off from the park in 1978. The Double Eagle II Memorial Park is set near the main entrance. A replica of the balloon is displayed along with paintings and more memorabilia to commemorate the flight.

Always a great place to visit. Put it on your County Bucket List.

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