MAINE UPDATE: Younger Mainers in their teens and twenties account for a growing number of COVID-19 infections in the state and this is raising concerns they could fuel another spike. The Maine Center for Disease Control says more than a third of new infections in the state have been among people younger than 30. Those in their 20s make up the highest percentage of new cases, about 18%. People under 20 account for nearly 16%. Dr. James Jarvis is COVID-19 incident commander for Northern Light Health. He said while younger people aren’t as likely to suffer from severe illness, they can still spread the virus to others, including at-risk groups, often while having no symptoms themselves.

Friday's report from the Maine CDC documents 238 new coronavirus cases and one additional death. In the past week, Aroostook County has reported over 30 new infections.

NEW BRUNSWICK UPDATE: New Brunswick Public Health reported seven new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. The number of active cases has risen to 48. The provincial government has announced that people 80 and older, as well as people with complex medical conditions, and health professionals who have close contact with patients are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Those 80 and older, or a caregiver or family member acting on their behalf, can now make an appointment with a pharmacy.

Atlantic Canada's four premiers have announced that the travel bubble surrounding New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador will reopen by April 19. This means New Brunswickers will be allowed to travel to those provinces without being required to self-isolate upon their return. Health officials say this is conditional upon cases of COVID-19 remaining low.

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