Congratulations to Trooper Laney Merchant after finishing her field training with the Maine State Police. Troop F said she is starting an adventure with “a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.“ 

Hard Work and Dedication

Many of us know Trooper Merchant from her 4 years working for the Ashland Police Department where she earned the rank of Sargent.

Tr. Merchant will be working in southern Aroostook County to keep the communities safe. Post a nice comment to tell her how much you appreciate her hard work.

As you'll see below, joining the Maine State Police is something to be very proud of and it takes dedication and purpose. Thanks Trooper Merchant, we are so glad you are part of the great law enforcement in Aroostook County, Maine.

Training Together in Aroostook County

Another recent post from Troop F showed some of their training with the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office. The pictures say it all and it gives you such peace of mind to see the best of the best training together.

As they say in the post, so often it’s the Maine State Police and the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office backing each other up. They trained for it all including shooting at the firing range, K9 response and practicing tactics for officer movement.

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Joining the Maine State Police

If you’re looking to join the Maine State Police, they have a great video posted on their Facebook. It focuses on being motivated and looking for a rewarding and challenging career in law enforcement. The caption talks about some deadlines for submitting applications for certain positions. The contact info is also included. Reach out to Cpl. Caleb McGary at

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