The prom is so much fun and something we remember all of our lives. The person we went with to the grand event, the place we ate, maybe the limo, friends and of course the pictures.

Sometimes we look back and cringe at the boutonniere or the look we get when we see ourselves in formal wear.

No matter what, the prom is a thing to do as a memory from our high school years.

It’s not always easy to go and spend a large sum of money on something you’ll rent or probably only wear once. Times are tough right now as many of us our just trying to make ends meet.

The Cinderella Project is the answer from prom dresses. It’s easy and makes the whole event so much more enjoyable by cutting out the worries and getting something to wear to the prom.

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The dates and times are listed below and give everybody an opportunity to have a memorable experience at the prom. The Cinderella Project of Aroostook is April 18 and goes through April 20th. Register for an appointment to get your free dress.


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