Seven Maine Game Wardens and Presque Isle first responders helped rescue a 37-year-old Caribou woman in Aroostook State Park Friday afternoon after she fell forty feet down a vertical drop.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife said Zara Gillis was hiking on a trail on the south peak with her sister and two children when she fell. The trail conditions were slippery with snow and leaf cover. Wardens said she suffered a possible broken hip and was not able to walk. Gillis also had lacerations on her face.

Maine Game Warden Alan Dudley arrived first on the scene around 3:00 p.m. He called for a helicopter, but neither the Maine Forest Service or the National Guard could respond due to wind and snow.

Gillis was carried out a half mile in a litter with ropes. The Presque Isle Police Department, Presque Isle Fire Department, Presque Isle Ambulance, and volunteers helped in the carry out that took about an hour and a half. She was taken to Northern Light AR Gould Hospital on Academy Street once off the trail.

No additional information was released.

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