Caribou High School Student of the Month

Congratulations to Courtney Whitmore for being selected the Student of the Month for November at Caribou High School. Principal Dr. Eric McGough made the announcement Tuesday morning in a press release.

Whitmore is from Caribou, Maine and a Junior at Caribou High School. The Student of the Month recognition is based on academic achievement and citizenship. The Caribou Chapter of the National Honor Society sponsors the award.

Academic Success & Community Pride

The program recognizes the student’s success in the classroom and out of the classroom. A good balance of being a good student and a good citizen in the community are the key parts of the honor. The Student of the Month award is “ designed to nominate and select students who promote and take pride in Caribou High School and in themselves.”

Nomination & Certificate

There are certain criteria to be nominated including being a student currently at Caribou High School, academic success, citizenship and personal development. Faculty and Administration nominate the students based on these areas of accomplishments. Whitmore will be recognized for her achievements on the school's website and at the school with her photo and name showcased. She also receives a certificate for Caribou High school Student of the Month for November, 2021.

Social Media & Home Page

You can see the post on the Caribou High School Facebook page (it's posted above). It’s a really well done certificate with Whitmore’s photo in the corner. If you do a search for Student of the Month on the page, you can also see some of the other students who have received the award in the past.

Here’s the link to the home page for Caribou High School for more information about RSU39.

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